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Hodgman must back up jobs claims with evidence

  • Government must reveal who wrote its policy on gaming   
  • Liberals adopt the gaming industry’s claims on jobs without backing them up  
  • Hodgman putting vested interests ahead of people
  • Liberal policy will burden Tasmanian communities with poker machines until 2043

Premier Will Hodgman must explain what advice from Treasury he relied on to develop the Liberal policy on gaming.

“Instead of engaging its own department the Hodgman Government outsourced the entire development of its policy to the gaming industry,” Deputy Labor Leader Michelle O’Byrne said.

“And the Premier has adopted the gaming industry’s unfounded claim when it comes to jobs.”

The official Liberal policy says “the gaming industry estimates that around 5,000 jobs are at risk if Electronic Gaming Machines are removed from pubs and clubs.”

“If the Premier is prepared to include that claim in his policy, he needs to back it up,” Ms O’Byrne said.

“Instead of testing its claims with Treasury, the Government has blindly adopted the gaming industry’s rhetoric.

“Is the Premier saying each of the 97 venues in the state with poker machines would lose more than 50 workers?

“Tasmanians deserve a proper debate based on facts. The Government has an obligation to back up what it’s saying with evidence.


“On Thursday we saw almost identical press releases come out from the Hodgman Government and Federal Group.


“It’s time the Liberals were honest about the donations they’re receiving from the pro-pokies lobby.


“Tasmanians don’t deserve to be kept in the dark until after the election.”