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Hodgman needs to step up for Vodafone workers

  • Up to 100 workers and families left in limbo looking to Premier for leadership
  • Liberals trumpeted announcement in 2015 but are doing nothing when going gets tough
  • Serious blow to economy in Southern Tasmania

Tasmanian Labor has expressed its disappointment at today’s announcement by Vodafone that up to 100 jobs will go from its Hobart operations.

Labor’s David O’Byrne said rather than beat his chest about chasing money promised by the State Government, Premier Hodgman should be doing everything he can to save those jobs.

“Up to 100 workers and their families are today left in limbo and they’re looking to the Premier for leadership,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“Premier Hodgman was happy to play around on the Vodafone slide with Tony Abbott in 2015 when announcing the move to Hobart, but what is he going to do to support these workers today?

“The Premier knew this announcement was coming yet his first priority has not been to fight for the workers, but to crow about chasing funds.

“It is an insult to those workers and their families who are facing the uncertainty of losing their jobs.

“This is a serious blow to the economy in Southern Tasmania – is the Premier serious about saving these jobs? What has he done to try to protect them?

“The Liberals are happy to do the photo opportunities but won’t do the hard work to secure permanent employment for Tasmanians.”