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Hodgman signs up Tasmania to dud GST deal as relationship with Gutwein breaks down

  • Hodgman rolls over and delivers Tasmania a dud deal on GST
  • Gutwein disagreed and can now only say GST deal is good “on face value”
Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Peter Gutwein’s clear disagreement over the dud GST deal has again exposed the unbridled divisions in the Liberal Party.
Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said it was now clear that Peter Gutwein believed the GST deal was a dud but it was also clear that Premier Hodgman rolled over and signed up anyway.
Mr Bacon said it was equally clear that Mr Morrison has a deep contempt for Tasmania, allegedly referring to the state as “mendicant”.
“For Prime Minister Morrison to refer to Tasmanians as beggars is deeply offensive.  It also proves what we have always suspected – the GST deal was designed for Western Australia at the expense of Tasmania,” Mr Bacon said.
“Now the best the Treasurer can say is that “on face value” the GST deal is a good one for Tasmania. The deal was announced months ago but Peter Gutwein apparently still hasn’t seen the detail.
“As concerning as the Treasurer’s failures is the new Prime Minister’s attitude towards Tasmania.
“There are now real concerns about what this whole affair means for Tasmania’s fair share and for this government’s relationship with the new Prime Minister.
“What does that mean for the City Deal? What does it mean for Macquarie Point? What does it mean for essential services?
“According to the Prime Minister Tasmanians don’t deserve to have access to the same level of health care, education and other essential public services as other states.”
Scott Bacon MP
Shadow Treasurer