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Hodgman still in denial on depth of Tasmania’s health crisis

  • Liberal Government refuses to acknowledge hospitals crisis
  • Premier clearly does not understand the depth of crisis
  • Inquiry submissions paint a horror story in Tasmanian hospitals – but Premier in the dark

Premier Will Hodgman is clearly yet to grasp the true gravity of the crisis in Tasmania’s hospitals and health system, failing to address the horrifying evidence contained in wide-ranging submissions to the Upper House Inquiry  on Acute Health Services.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the Premier could not answer questions in relation to the submissions today in State Parliament because he clearly has not read them.

“Very serious questions on health were put to the Premier and he was clearly not aware of the contents of these submissions from such peak bodies as the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, the Australian Medical Association Tasmania and the Mental Health Council of Tasmania,” Ms White said.

“These submission show the Liberal Government is putting Tasmanian lives at risk and that’s the clear view of clinicians at the frontline, of patients and of representative bodies whose members work every day at the coalface.

“These submissions show that in just January and February this year the number of patients who spent more than 24 hours in the Royal Hobart Hospital Emergency Department was 132 compared to 35 for the same period in 2016.

“They show the percentage of ambulances unable to offload patients in 30 minutes this year is 13 per cent compared to four per cent in 2016.

“They clearly show the government that waiting times at the Launceston General Hospital and the Royal Hobart Hospital have been excessive since 2016 and it is common for patients to wait in excess of 12 hours for medical review and as long as up to 48 hours for admission to a ward.

“Those statistics don’t lie.

“But the Premier today has shown no empathy for these horrific concerns raised by clinicians and staff, he gave no indication that he is sorry for the crisis and he gave no sign that he has any plan to fix it.

“The fact is these are the voices the government and the Premier should be listening to.

“Rather than listen to a sanitised version of the crisis from his Health Minister Mr Ferguson he should be listening to the voices at the frontline and actually providing solutions to a crisis staff and peak bodies have described as unprecedented.”