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Hodgman’s health crisis hurting the North West

  • Mersey Hospital under severe pressure from Hodgman’s cuts
  • Cuts will put lives at risk
  • Hodgman

Will Hodgman and Sarah Courtney must come clean with Tasmanians over cuts to health and hospital services on the North West coast.

Labor held a roundtable with local health stakeholders in Ulverstone today, and despite invitations to Sarah Courtney and Jeremy Rockliff, no one from the Government decided to show up.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the Government was trying to pay off its $1.1 billion in debt by cutting health and hospital services on the coast.

“What we have seen this week is a Government desperately trying to hide a dramatic downgrade in services at the Mersey,” Ms White said.

“Will Hodgman is completely out of touch and the facts at the Mersey are startling.

“Average wait times for elective surgery are already longer at the Mersey than all other hospitals in Tasmania.

“The average wait time for elective surgery for the Mersey region has increased by 50 percent for urgent Category 1 patients.  

“Put simple – the community cannot cope with more cuts to elective surgeries from this Government.

“The Government has also shut all eight rehabilitation beds at the North West Regional Hospital with an internal THS 2019 project update confirming the decision was due to cost.

“This change will mean more travel time for people living in our rural and regional communities which is just unacceptable.

“While more beds have been opened at the Mersey, the Government hasn’t increased the hospital’s budget to meet this extra demand.

“Why is it that Will Hodgman and the Liberals think that hard working hospital staff can get better outcomes with less funding and cuts to services?

“Will Hodgman needs to come out today and tell the community exactly where his reckless cuts are coming from and what they will mean for health and hospital services.

“Tasmanians on the North West coast deserve a lot better.”

Rebecca White MP
Labor Leader