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Hodgman’s own goal as Tassie can’t even make A-League “short list” of 10

  • Where’s Tassie?
  • What’s the story Premier Hodgman?
  • What if anything has Sport Minister Petrusma done?

 Premier Hodgman’s trademark for being asleep at the wheel has cost Tasmania yet again – with the state failing to even make the final 10 shortlist of A-League teams.

“This is a massive own goal of the Premier’s making,” Shadow Minister for Sport David O’Byrne said.

“Tasmania’s bid seemed to tick all the boxes – except having driven, hands-on support from the Liberal Government.

“Tasmanian sport lovers are right to question ‘where’s Tassie’?

“They should start their inquiries with the Premier who seems to have done nothing of substance to support the bid.

“That is to say nothing of the missing in action Sports Minister Jacquie Petrusma.

“To make things happen we need leaders who will take an active role in ensuring Tasmania at least made the first list of 10 clubs and then worked with the bid proponents and the community to advance our case.

“It’s gobsmacking that we have not been able to at least remain in the conversation.

“The Government was missing in action and in the end it has cost the bid and it’s Tasmanian sports fans who miss out.”