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Howlett must reveal detail of Libs’ 200 secret policies

  • Secret policies treating voters with contempt and damaging democracy
  • Upper House scrutiny will be key yet Liberals keep electorate in the dark
  • Liberals’ secretive culture must end

Labor Candidate for Prosser Janet Lambert has called on the Liberals’ Jane Howlett to reveal full details of the almost 200 Liberal policies kept secret prior to the state election that are part of the Government’s agenda.

Premier Will Hodgman has declared he has a mandate for about 200 secret policies that were not made available for public scrutiny during the state election campaign.

“It is galling that Jane Howlett could ask members of the community for their vote without revealing the true extent of the Liberals’ secret policies,” Mrs Lambert said.

“The Legislative Council will have important work to do scrutinising the Government’s legislation – yet voters will be asked to cast their vote without knowing what the Liberal policies are.

“It is vitally important to our democracy that the Liberals reveal their secret policies so that candidates – including Jane Howlett – can discuss them openly with voters.

“The Prosser election is only four weeks away and we know the Liberals have form for keeping contentious policy announcements out of the public eye.

“The Liberals’ culture of secrecy has to stop.”