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Investing in Tasmania’s energy advantage

Labor is committed to maximising Tasmania’s hydro-electricity advantage by making the state a national leader in electric transport technology.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon today joined motoring journalist Matt Brogan from who’s travelling around Tasmania in a Tesla Model S and refuelling using 100 per cent renewable hydro-electricity.

“Labor’s budget reply included a $10 million dollar commitment to invest in electric vehicle technology, including utilising specialist manufacturing expertise and facilities in North West Tasmania to retrofit public busses to run on electricity,” Mr Bacon said.

“The Government ridiculed the idea but the rest of Australia is starting to catch on to Tasmania’s hydro-electricity advantage.

“Labor’s very excited about Matt’s project because it shows how much potential Tasmania has when it comes to running electric vehicles.

“ chose Tasmania to test-drive the Tesla due to our advantage when it comes to renewable hydro power.

“The project is a great advertisement for our state and a reminder of how far electric vehicle technology has come in the last few years.

“Labor’s policy would not only take an important step towards securing Tasmania’s energy future but also create jobs in advanced manufacturing.

“We have to start thinking about these issues now.

“With more and more Tasmanians generating their own power through solar installations, we need to find clever ways to use Hydro’s resource.

“As electric vehicles become more affordable, they also have the potential to offset the $1 billion worth of petrol and diesel we import into the state every year.”