Investing in Launceston’s Health Needs

Health is Labor’s number one priority and we are committed to improving services across Tasmania.

Labor has been consulting closely with health professionals in recent months and we understand the need to provide good quality health services in the north of the state and to plan for future demand.

A Majority Labor Government will produce a new masterplan for the Launceston General Hospital and surrounding area to create a Launceston Health Precinct.

As a key part of this vision, Labor will call for expressions of interest to build a co-located private hospital adjacent to the Launceston General Hospital.

A new private hospital will improve the ability to recruit and retain quality staff and improve services for both public and private patients.

Key stakeholders such as the Australian Medical Association and other health professionals have been calling for this reform but the Liberal Government has failed to act.

A Private Hospital and a Public Hospital on One Site.

Labor will open a process to call for expressions of interest to build a private hospital co-located with the Launceston General Hospital.

The process would invite bids from interested private hospital providers to construct a purpose built hospital on the existing carpark area on the corner of Charles and Howick Street in Launceston.

The new private hospital will be designed in consultation with the Launceston General Hospital and other health providers to ensure that the service meets current, and future, demand and that provision is made for adequate car parking. 

By co-locating a private hospital with the Launceston General Hospital the north will be in a stronger position to attract and retain quality staff and ensure that patients have access to the services they need.

The building of a co-located private hospital on the same site as the Launceston General Hospital will create economic activity during the construction phase, create jobs and inject millions of dollars into the northern economy.

Masterplan for the Launceston Health Precinct

A re-elected majority Labor Government will ensure that the site masterplan for the Launceston General Hospital has a clear focus on future needs and provides a long-term blueprint for development.

This will allow Tasmania to optimise Federal funding opportunities and will give Tasmanians the opportunity to comment on the types of services they want into the future.

Labor has a vision for a Launceston Health Precinct, which is centred around the Launceston General Hospital and provides possible co-locations and partnerships with entities such as the University of Tasmania, primary health services, private practice and community and preventative health organisations.

The masterplan will include an audit of Government-owned land and buildings in the vicinity of the Launceston General Hospital, with a view to identifying opportunities for future development.

As a first step Labor will convene a roundtable with key stakeholders to begin the consultation process for
the masterplan.

Only a Rebecca White Majority Labor Government will be about Putting People First.

Find out more about Labor’s Better Health Plan.