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Jacquie Petrusma’s mistruths to Parliament over Labor commitment

Child Protection Minister Jacquie Petrusma has deliberately attempted to mislead Tasmanians and, importantly, the child protection sector with mistruths in the State Parliament.

“What Mrs Petrusma said in the Parliament today – that I had stated Labor was prepared to walk away from a redesign of the child protection system – was consciously mischievous and utterly incorrect,” Shadow Minister for Children Josh Willie said.

“Mrs Petrusma knows what I said during media interviews after the resignation of Commissioner for Children Mark Morrissey last week but she chose to twist the truth.”

Last week after Mr Morrissey’s resignation, Mr Willie said:

“We think that it’s time for a reset in child protection and we are calling on the government to provide new leadership in the Human Services portfolio. If a new Minister is appointed, Labor is willing to explore different models for the Children’s Commissioner in Tasmania so that we have the best fit and an independent voice that is above politics.”

“I have repeatedly and publicly stated Labor’s support for the child protection redesign,” Mr Willie said.

“Mrs Petrusma has taken a call for new leadership in child protection and twisted it to suit her own political ends and all Tasmanians, particularly those who work in child protection, need to be aware of that.”