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Jaensch making it up as he goes with no detail on “incentive” scheme

  • Liberals release new “scheme” but skip the detail
  • Housing Minister tells landlords he’ll get back to them once he’s worked it out
  • Government telling Tasmanians it has no intention of acting urgently on homelessness

Housing Minister Roger Jaensch is telling Tasmanians interested in his under-baked “Private Rental Landlord Incentive Initiative” he will get back to them later because he has failed to work out the details.

Shadow Housing Minister Josh Willie said prospective landlords who were yesterday advised to seek details of the Minister’s scheme by email were being advised that no details were in fact available.

“This is an extraordinary admission by Mr Jaensch and the Liberals that they have announced a scheme when in fact no scheme exists,” Mr Willie said.

“It’s also a glaring admission that the Liberals and the new Housing Minister have no idea how to address the housing affordability and homelessness crisis other than to panic and deceptively make things up.

“It’s not good enough that a new Minister tasked with dealing with a crisis like Tasmania is facing would jot a few notes on a napkin and then try to sell it as a solution.

“It’s atrocious that Mr Jaensch would announce what amounts to a thought bubble with no information being made available about how it will work.

“The Liberals are just not serious about addressing homelessness and housing affordability.

“Mr Jaensch has stumbled at the first hurdle by failing to treat this issue facing thousands of Tasmanians with the urgency and the importance it requires.”