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Jaensch must release crucial housing updates today

  • Minister cannot come up with believable reason why data is being withheld
  • What does the Hodgman Liberal Government have to hide?
  • Tasmanians require important update on housing crisis

Housing Minister Roger Jaensch needs to either immediately release the latest update to important housing data or explain why he is determined to keep it under wraps.

Shadow Housing Minister Josh Willie said the vital information on the number of people stuck on housing waiting lists and the lengths of time it was taking to provide homes was now well overdue without a reasonable explanation.

“The Hodgman Liberal Government committed to releasing the information on its Human Services dashboard every quarter but it has not been updated since September to include information to last June,” Mr Willie said.

“This on-line resource is important because it shows trends in meeting vulnerable Tasmanian’s needs. It also contains data on child protection and disabilities and the government needs to be open and transparent.

“The health information was updated before Christmas at the same time the latest housing data should have been made available.

“Yet there is still no sign of it and Mr Jaensch has been unable to provide even a reasonable explanation why it is being withheld.

“If the data shows a blow out in the number of people languishing on waiting lists, Mr Jaensch needs to be upfront about it.

“The housing crisis in Tasmania is on-going and all Tasmanians need to be provided information about its true extent.

“The current information shows in June the average waiting time for priority housing applicants was 60 weeks and 3,216 Tasmanians were stuck on the housing waiting list but that information is now unacceptably out of date.

“It’s reasonable to question what the government has to hide.

“Mr Jaensch either needs to release the information today or provide a believable explanation as to why he won’t.”


Josh Willie MLC
Shadow Housing Minister