Jobs Now, Jobs for the Future: Creating an Employment Rich Economy

Labor’s Job Creating Initiatives

The Liberals’ hands-off approach to governing is failing our State.

Under the Hodgman Liberal Government 5200 Tasmanians have lost their job in the last ten months.

In his first two Budgets, Peter Gutwein promised to create 12,000 new jobs but the truth is, there are far fewer Tasmanians in work today than when the Treasurer delivered his first Budget in August 2014.

Tasmania’s youth unemployment rate is 15.1%, our long term  unemployment rate remains far too high and our participation rate has plunged to its lowest level in over a decade.

Thousands of Tasmanians have given up looking for work and this situation will only improve when we have a government willing to tackle Tasmania’s jobs crisis head on. 

In Opposition, the Liberals promised the world but in government they have delivered nothing but crisis and indecision.

Instead of building on the economic momentum they inherited, the Hodgman Government has sat on its hands for two years taking credit for job creating policies like Labor’s irrigation investments, aquaculture investments, tourism infrastructure investments, IMAS and Sense-T developments.

Labor believes governments and the private sector should work together to make Tasmania one of the world’s most dynamic small economies.

Labor understands there are job opportunities in our growing industries that young Tasmanians are missing out on.

A pro-active Labor Government will back Tasmanian businesses to create new jobs so that every Tasmanian can enjoy a better life for themselves and their families.

In Opposition, Labor is working hard to develop new job creating policies that leverage Tasmania’s unique economic advantages.

Tasmanian Education Partnership

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Labor’s plan for jobs starts with a world-class education system and quality life-long learning opportunities.

The Tasmanian Education Partnership is designed to take the politics out of education and produce lasting policy developed
by experts.

Through the Tasmanian Education Partnership, Labor will work alongside industry leaders, workforce groups and education specialists, to create a pathway from kindergarten to the workforce.

To ensure Tasmania takes advantage of its strengths in agriculture, aquaculture, tourism, hospitality, information technology, advanced manufacturing, science research and the creative industries we need a diverse, educated and appropriately skilled workforce.

We need our education and training systems to match the job opportunities and growth industries of the future.

By involving regional, job creating industries in our education system, young Tasmanians will more easily identify a pathway to fulfilling employment and a well paid job.

Child and Family Centres

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Education is a whole of life experience and the pathway to employment starts at a young age. That is why Labor will invest in
new Child and Family Centres around Tasmania.

Labor will help break the cycle of inter-generational unemployment by enabling Tasmanian children and their families to engage with quality health and education services early in life.

By supporting children from birth to aged five we are setting them up for a life time of quality learning experiences and a pathway to meaningful employment.

Supporting Our Teachers

Labor will move quickly to restore teacher numbers to  pre-Hodgman levels.

By reducing class sizes Labor will ensure every child gets the individual attention they need to succeed.

Protecting Pathway Planning

The Hodgman Government’s decision to sack pathway planners has underminded the future of our students and will have a lasting negative effect on the community.

That is why Labor is committed to restoring pathway planning in every Tasmanian school. Under Labor Tasmanian students will be able to successfully identify a pathway from education to the workforce.

Saving TasTAFE

Labor will restore the damage done to TasTAFE by keeping more training dollars in Tasmania.

With improved funding, a revitalised TasTAFE  will help Tasmanians to reskill on the job and make education a whole of life experience.

A vibrant TAFE system will help  drive our economy forward, create new jobs and reduce skill shortages in our economy. 

A key part of revitalising TasTAFE will be to make it more responsive to the skills needs of industry.


Government has a critical role to play when it comes to apprenticeship opportunities for young Tasmanians.

Labor will create more opportunities for apprentices, by working with a revitalised TasTAFE, unions and industry groups. An elected Labor Government will increase the required number of apprentices engaged in state funded projects around Tasmania.

Backing Business to Create New Jobs

Minister for Economic Growth and Regional Development

Labor is committed to building stronger regions by creating new jobs  and delivering new opportunities for Tasmanians living outside major cities.

An elected Labor Government will appoint a Minister for Economic Growth and Regional Development. This Minister will be focused on growing our regional economies and working with local industries to create new employment.

Growing New Jobs in Regional Tourism

Labor’s Regional Tourism Strategy will immediately deliver new investment and jobs in regional Tasmania by providing much needed tourism infrastructure.

By supporting income-generating projects like the completion of the Three Capes Track, the Cradle Mountain Master Plan Redevelopment and Labor’s new Overland Track Revitalisation Project, we will deliver new jobs for regional Tasmania and ensure our state stays ahead of the game in a competitive global tourist market.

Labor’s $50 Million Regional Tourism Infrastructure Fund

Tasmania’s visitor numbers are projected to skyrocket, with 1.5 million visitors expected by 2020. Tasmania’s regions are under increasing pressure to sustain and deliver quality visitor experiences.

Labor’s $50 million Regional Tourism Infrastructure Fund will future proof the visitor economy, enhance facilities for local residents and create hundreds of new jobs.

Working in collaboration with regional bodies and communities, Labor will make immediate job creating investments in intergenerational infrastructure such as roads, water, toilets, power and parking.

Franklin Maritime Heritage Centre

Labor’s investment to establish a Maritime Heritage Centre at Franklin will build on the community’s vision for a working maritime precinct.

This project will offer new career paths and training opportunities for timber workers a well as wooden boat builders, craftspeople and tourism operators.

Read more here.

Revitalising Traditional Industry


Under the Liberals we have seen thousands of jobs lost in the mining industry, mines have closed and mineral exploration has dried up.

Labor has a three-point plan to get the mining industry moving again.

  1. Labor will declare a Special Mining Zone over the entire Mt Lyell Mine lease at Queenstown to cut red tape for new exploration and mining activity.
  2. Labor will appoint Mobile Case Managers within Mineral Resources Tasmania to better guide proponents of new mines through the exploration, planning, approvals and establishment process.
  3. Labor will provide a royalty holiday for proposals that involve rehabilitating old mine sites and tailings.

Organic Dairy

Labor will build on our major investment in irrigation by working with farmers to establish the economies of scale needed to attract organic milk processing opportunities in North East and North West Tasmania.

Through TasTAFE, Labor will work with our dairy farmers to improve training for young Tasmanians seeking employment in the industry.

By leveraging state and federal Labor’s investment in irrigation infrastructure and providing targeted assistance for organic conversions, we can help to protect jobs in the dairy industry and support the creation of a new manufacturing industry.

As more farms convert to organic status, there will be a need to establish a complementary supply of organic grain and fodder, creating more opportunities for job creation and agricultural expansion.

Innovation & Open Data

Labor will implement a whole-of-government open data policy to ensure information from across all departments is publicly available.

This commitment has come as a result of consultation with industry and will kickstart innovation and collaboration across the business, community, education and university sectors. It also builds on Labor’s previous development  in open data with organisations like Sense-T.

Tasmanian innovation is primed for commercialisation and access to information is a key first step.

A Labor Government will release timely data to allow for benefits such as real time scheduling for public transport, accurate drinking water information for regional communities and open data to enhance product development and innovation in the tourism industry.

Open access to data will provide opportunities for local software developers to develop innovative apps and other software.

Target 500

While the current Liberal Government sits on its hands, Tasmanian energy security, business confidence and jobs are under threat.

Unleashing investment in new large-scale wind, solar and other renewable developments will create thousands of new jobs in regional Tasmania and future proof the State’s economy.

Labor is committed to a 500 MW Renewable Energy Development Target and will actively
engage with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to secure up to $200 million in public financing for eligible projects.

The policy will  leverage three dollars of private investment for every public dollar spent, funding as much as $800 million in new renewable energy investments.

Investing in new renewable energy generation capacity will also help protect Tasmania’s major
industrial base.

New Energy Technologies

Labor’s $40 million New Energy Technologies Initiative will allow Tasmania to transition to sustainable transport, renewable energy storage and create new, high-skilled manufacturing jobs.

Labor will create new jobs and industry by investing in initiatives to make Tasmania a leader in electric vehicle technology.

We will support the strategic roll-out of electric vehicle charging stations around the state along with exploring new technologies like hydrogen.

We will lead the way by introducing electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to the Government
vehicle fleet.

Labor will also protect and create advanced manufacturing jobs on the North West Coast by investing in a pilot program for electric and hybrid bus conversions.

Labor’s policy will assist in attracting new energy intensive industries  such as data centres and small manufacturing, that rely on energy security and a low carbon footprint.

Keeping Taxes Low to Support Enterprise

In Government Labor backed business  by reducing payroll tax and helping to create around 5000 new jobs in Tasmania.

Labor’s incentives provided direct tax relief to over 2200 Tasmanian businesses and stimulated new employment.

Labor will work with industry to help young people, the long-term unemployed and retrenched workers into full time work by providing targeted payroll tax relief for new jobs.

Jobs Now, Jobs for the Future

Labor will invest in a world-class education system and back Tasmanian businesses to generate new jobs to help create a job rich economy. Labor will revitalise traditional industries, invest in new and emerging markets and kickstart innovation.

Labor is committed to creating Tasmanian jobs now and jobs for the future.