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King Island out of patience with Hodgman Government

  • Freight crisis worsening
  • Deputy Premier sent over to clean up Rene Hidding’s mess
  • Embattled Minister should step aside

Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding should lose his job over his handling of the King Island freight crisis.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said the Government has treated the people of the island so badly that they now want to join Victoria.

“King Island has lost confidence in the Hodgman Government and some residents now want to say goodbye to Tasmania,” Mr Bacon said.

“It’s an indictment on Rene Hidding’s handling of the freight crisis.

“The Premier has no choice but to remove Rene Hidding as the first step towards restoring trust with King Island.

“It was telling that the Deputy Premier was dispatched to the island to try and clean up the Minister’s mess. It clearly didn’t work.

“Why didn’t Minister Hidding visit the island himself? Has the Government decided his future as Infrastructure Minister is terminal?

“The head of TasPorts wasn’t even prepared to say in a radio interview that he supported the Minister.

“King Island is far too important for Tasmania to lose. Its fresh produce and golf courses are the envy on the world.

“Rene Hidding is putting it all at risk by treating people on the island like second-class citizens.”