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Labor backs call for improved Commonwealth services in Tasmania

  • Federal Liberal Government has neglected Tasmania                   
  • Access to some services is not reliable   
  • Investment would improve services and help grow Tasmania’s economy           

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon has backed in the call for an increase in Commonwealth services in Tasmania.

“Tasmanians tell Labor that they struggle to access crucial Commonwealth services like Centrelink,” Mr Bacon said.

“The Federal Liberal Government has underfunded Commonwealth services and we support the Community and Public Sector Union’s call to increase the workforce.

“It would be good for our economy, good for employment and would help those Tasmanians who are trying to access services.

“We’ve seen a lot of cuts from the Federal Government, it’s time they put something back in and invested in Tasmanian people.

“There are opportunities for the Federal Government to employ people in regional Tasmania.

“Tasmanians have a right to feel under threat from the Federal Liberal Government with a cut to our GST revenue on the table.

“Labor calls on the Liberal Senators to stand up to Malcolm Turnbull and demand a much better deal for our state.”