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Labor looking forward to working with local government

  • Congratulations to all candidates who put their name forward
  • Labor will work constructively with new councils
  • Compulsory voting needs to be looked at to address low turnout

Shadow Local Government Minister David O’Byrne has congratulated all candidates who put their hand up to run for local government.

“Putting yourself forward for public office takes guts, so congratulations to all candidates, who no doubt sacrificed time, energy and money to try and better their communities,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“Labor looks forward to working with those who were successful for election or re-election on the key issues facing Tasmania.

“Labor’s policy to develop Partnership Agreements between State Government and councils to build shared vision and outcomes across employment, health and wellbeing, community development, infrastructure and education remains and we’re keen to work with newly elected councils in a constructive manner.

“While some local government electorates had improved turnout from previous years, we should not be celebrating voter turnouts around 50 per cent.

“Despite all the interest, effort and expense made to encourage people to vote, barely half of Tasmanians voted.

“We must continue the conversation on compulsory voting in the interests of fairness and inclusion.”

David O’Byrne MP
Shadow Minister for Local Government