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Labor remains strong supporter of Tasmania’s forest industry

  • Liberals playing politics with forest industry
  • Labor has supported strategic plans for the industry
  • Labor continues to listen to industry and will work to support its growth

It is disappointing, but unsurprising, that the Liberals would seek to play politics with Tasmania’s forest industry.

Shadow Minister for Resources Shane Broad said Labor strongly supports a viable, sustainable and ongoing native forest industry in Tasmania.

“Tasmanian Labor is a strong supporter of the forest industry. We have worked constructively with industry and offered bipartisanship to the government on the development of forest policy,” Dr Broad said.

“Labor has supported both the Strategic Growth Plan for the Tasmanian Forests, Fine Timber and Wood Fibre Industry and the Special Species Management Plan. We believe they provide good blueprints for the future.

“The Tasmanian forest industry is currently enjoying broad community and market acceptance and we want that to continue, while also providing pathways for growth.

“The forestry sector is an important part of the state’s economy and part of promotion of the Tasmanian brand internationally. Labor will continue to focus on key areas highlighted by the industry to support its growth.

“To suggest that Labor does not support forest workers in Tasmania is farcical.”

Dr Shane Broad
Shadow Minister for Resources