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Labor will reduce bill shock by making payment system fairer

  • Bill shock causing stress for many Tasmanian households
  • Labor will make things fairer by allowing people to pay bills incrementally
  • Smart Phone App will make life easier when it comes to paying bills

Labor understands that Tasmanians are struggling with the rising cost of living, which is why we will take action to reduce bill shock.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said bill shock is a major source of stress for many households.

“Bill shock occurs when you are hit by one huge bill, or multiple bills, at the worst possible time,” Ms White said.

“Too often these bills arrive all at once, making it very difficult for people to plan and budget.

“A majority Labor Government will move to allow people to pay bills such as registration and licenses on flexible monthly, quarterly or bi-annual terms, without penalty.

“We do not believe people should be penalised if they cannot afford to pay their bills in a single instalment.”

In addition, Labor will also develop a Service Tasmania Smart Phone app. The app will be free to download and will provide functionality for people to see all of their Government bills, including the status, history and due dates, all while avoiding long lines at Service Tasmania shops.

“The app will also include a budget function so people can better keep track of their finances.

“Labor will work to include other public entities such as Aurora Energy, Local Government and TasWater on the system and will invite private sector utilities such as TasGas, Optus and Telstra to also be part of the new system.

“Labor will look for local software companies to create and manage the development of the app in Tasmania.

“Labor wants to make life easier and less stressful for Tasmanians. Making it easier and fairer to pay your bills is just one way we can help.”