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Labor will Support Tasmanian Children

Investing In Our Future

Labor knows the most important decision a government can make is to invest in the future of children, families and communities.

That is why a Labor Government will build six new Child and Family Centres in its first term.

Labor’s Commitment

Child and Family Centres have transformed the lives of children and their families by giving them better access to learning, health services and support.

The Liberal Government has turned its back on this proud Labor initiative, despite the ongoing need around Tasmania. Labor will take an evidence-based approach to identifying the areas of greatest need for the first six new centres.

We will do this by working with the Children’s Commissioner to update the ‘Kids Come First’ report which measures social disadvantage, educational attainment and health outcomes.

Targeted Support

Child and Family Centres are tailored to meet the needs of their individual communities, including pregnancy and parenting support, child and family health, oral health, immunization, nutrition, early childhood education and adult literacy.

In addition to building new Centres, we also recognise that the role of existing Centres and the needs of their communities are evolving.

We will work across all government departments to build on the success of the current model to ensure a greater range of services and resources are available in one place.

The initiative was first announced by the Labor Government in 2009, in response to a growing body of research evidence from around the world about the critical importance of the early years and the need for a radical shift in the way services are delivered to children and families.

Labor built Child and Family Centres in the communities of Beaconsfield, Queenstown, East Devonport, Clarence Plains, Ravenswood, Risdon Cove, Break O’Day, Chigwell, Derwent Valley and Burnie.

The George Town community hub was recently completed and the federally funded Bridgewater and Geeveston centres have come under the responsibility of the state.


Construction: $7 million

This is critical social infrastructure that should be funded from the Liberal Government’s aborted $33 million international shipping fund.