Labor’s Economic Direction Statement

When people are happy and healthy with meaningful and secure work, our economy grows and everyone benefits.

Government budgets must always be framed around how they affect people’s lives. 

Our Economic Direction Statement clearly sets out Labor’s priorities for Tasmania and its people.

Labor has a Better Plan for Tasmania

  1. Labor will keep Tasmanians healthier for longer, ensure they are treated faster and get them home to their families sooner.
  2. Labor will create education pathways to ensure every Tasmanian can secure meaningful, rewarding and secure employment.
  3. Labor will build intergenerational infrastructure that supports productivity, job creation and economic growth.
  4. Labor will work with business, industry, unions and community groups to identify our competitive strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and skills gaps.
  5. Labor will support our regions by listening to their needs and driving positive change.
  6. Labor will protect the vulnerable by investing in food security, neighbourhood houses, and cost of living relief.
  7. Labor will provide safer communities by supporting the frontline emergency services workers that support us. 
  8. Labor will invest in renewable energy to provide energy security and tackle climate change.
  9. Labor will ensure visitor growth is sustained by future proofing our icons and supporting festivals and attractions.
  10. Labor will create true partnerships with local government to drive better outcomes for Tasmanian communities.

Download a copy of Labor’s Economic Direction Statement to find out more about our better plan for Tasmania.