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Liberal Government gives Victorian farmers a discount Tasmanians don’t get

  • Energy Minister must come clean on discount deal that Tasmanian farmers can’t access  
  • Government helping the direct competitors to Tasmanian farmers
  • “Tasmania First” policy now laughable
  • Government must ensure Tasmanian farmers aren’t disadvantaged  

Energy Minister Guy Barnett’s claim of a “Tasmania First” policy is in tatters after it was revealed the Tasmanian Government is giving Victorian farmers a discount at the expense of Tasmanian farmers.

“The Tasmanian Government, through energy company Momentum, is offering Victorian farmers a discount that Tasmanian farmers don’t get,” Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Shane Broad said.

“So much for a “Tasmania First” policy, this is the Government giving the direct competitors to Tasmania’s farmers a leg up.

“And the Minister refused to even answer questions about how much better off Victorian farmers are compared to their Tasmanian counterparts.

“Guy Barnett needs to clearly explain the discount being offered and how that compares to the prices being faced by Tasmania’s farmers.

“Labor doesn’t have anything against Victorian farmers but we will always put the interests of Tasmanian farmers first.

“This situation is completely within the Liberals’ control. Momentum is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tasmanian Government.

“If the Minister decides the special deal for Victorian farmers should remain in place, he needs to guarantee that Tasmanian farmers get an even better deal on power.

“Because in this instance, Guy Barnett’s gone from saying he puts Tasmania first to putting Tasmania last.”