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Liberal Party can’t be trusted with public education

  • Tasmanians have been burnt before by Liberal education promises   
  • Liberals cut two teachers from nearly every school after promising to protect frontline staff
  • Labor’s education commitment is fully costed and funded

 Tasmanians will see through the Liberals’ education announcement.

Shadow Education Minister Michelle O’Byrne said it’s another inflated funding promise that includes spending beyond 2022.

“The Liberals are again trying to pump up their own tyres with spending promises that can’t be trusted,” Ms O’Byrne said.

“They were exposed on health when they were caught trying to pass off Commonwealth funding as their own.

“On education, they’ve tried to make their funding promise sound better than it is by including money that wouldn’t be spent until after 2022.

“Tasmanians are smart enough to see through the Liberals’ tricks and spin.

“No one will forget that before the last election the Liberals promised to protect frontline staff and then cut two teachers from almost every school in Tasmania.

“The Liberal Party can’t be trusted when it comes to public education, just look at Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to Gonski funding.

“Labor’s commitment to employ an additional 300 staff in our schools is fully costed and fully funded.

“We’re investing heavily in the early years, pathway planning, disability education, psychology and speech pathology.

“A majority Labor Government will also commit $40 million to build a new co-ed public high school in Hobart, $20 million for a new K-12 school in Penguin and $22 million for a K-12 school in Sorell.

“Tasmanians know they can trust Labor, at both a state and federal level, to properly invest in public education.”