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Liberals fail Tasmanian’s with more reckless spending

  • Will Hodgman’s travel expenditure up by 414 per cent
  • Taxpayers bear the cost of Liberals’ lavish spending
  • Frontline jobs and essential services at risk

The Hodgman Government is putting frontline jobs and essential services at risk with extravagant expenditure on consultants and travel.

Shadow Treasurer, David O’Byrne, said the Liberals have blown the budget with their reckless spending.

“The Liberals promised that their $450 million in cuts would be delivered by slashing expenditure on travel, advertising and consultants,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“Instead, in six months the Hodgman Government spent $157,976.35 on ministerial travel expenses, which is up from $120,082.90 in the previous reporting period*,” Mr O’Byrne said

“This calendar year Hodgman and his Ministers are spending $20,000 a month on travel and accommodation while at the same time Tasmanians are struggling to put a roof over their head and access health services.

“Will Hodgman’s total travel spend in the last six months alone has increased by a staggering 414 per cent.

“It’s no coincidence that while the Liberals spend more time travelling that they also continue overspend on consultants to do the work for them – resulting in a $8 million blow out last financial year.

“The Liberals continue to fork out hundreds of thousands on even more consultants, including $93,000 for a blotched infrastructure strategy, $115,000 for community engagement over prison services, and $250,000 for yet another consultant for the Westbury prison.

“We know that if the Government is not cutting expenditure on travel and consultants then Tasmanian’s are going to face even more cuts to essential frontline jobs and services.

“By failing to cut excessive spending on travel and consultants the Liberals have blown the budget and it Tasmanians have to pay.”


David O’Byrne
Shadow Treasurer