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Liberals failing to consult on northern prison

  • Real consultation needed with the Westbury community
  • Local Liberal MPs in hiding
  • Government should release modelling and list of other sites

The Hodgman Government is failing to engage with people in the quiet, peaceful town of Westbury over the proposed site for the northern prison.

Local Member for Lyons Jen Butler said the Government shouldn’t push through development of a maximum security prison in a tight knit community like Westbury without proper consultation.

“I have spent the last week talking to hundreds of people in Westbury and there are many more questions than answers,” Ms Butler said.

“This massive development has been dumped on the community with little information and little opportunity to provide real feedback.

“Mark Shelton, Guy Barnett and John Tucker need to get out of their plush Government offices in Hobart and front up in Westbury.

“They need to really listen to what people are saying.

“What I am hearing is a community concerned about their safety and that of their families, concerns about the value of their properties and concerns about the impact on local industry.

“The Government could clear much of this up by releasing all of its modelling on the “preferred site” and while they’re at it, they should release the list of other nine potential sites for the prison.

“People in Westbury deserve to be heard, and so far the Government’s consultation is severely lacking.”

Jen Butler MP
Member for Lyons