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Liberals’ health cuts keep coming

  • $50M of health cuts still coming from the Liberals
  • Gutwein has been the architect of cuts all along
  • When will K-block open?

Despite the spin from Peter Gutwein following the release of the Revised Estimates Report, Tasmania’s health system is still forecast to face more cuts of almost $50 million.

Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell said the Premier deserved no thanks for replacing part of the cuts he designed.

“Peter Gutwein is the man who devised the $450 million of cuts to frontline jobs and essential services, of which health was the major contributor,” Ms Lovell said.

“After sustained pressure from the community, health experts and Labor, yesterday he announced that some of the cuts he planned would now be targeted at schools, housing and child safety.

“This is not a plan.  This is not compassion. This is a cynical attempt to trick Tasmanians into thinking something has changed for the better.

“People shouldn’t believe this con job.

“Peter Gutwein’s original budget proposed spending less on health than had actually been spent the year before. This was never realistic.

“Putting in money that should’ve been there in the first place is not a funding increase. It’s an admission from Peter Gutwein that his budget was based on a lie.

“Tasmanians hospitals and health system are still forecast to face almost $50 million of cuts.

“There is still no long term vision or plan to deliver health services for Tasmanians.

“And neither Peter Gutwein nor Sarah Courtney can tell us when k-block will open and when patients can be seen.

“This is a farce and Tasmanians will be forced to pay for it with worse health outcomes.”

Sarah Lovell
Shadow Minister for Health