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Liberals’ health policy doesn’t hold up to scrutiny

  • Majority of Liberals’ funding commitments years away
  • Many of the “new beds” are five or six years away
  • Tasmania’s health system needs significant investment now
  • Labor’s policy delivers critical support immediately   

Just hours after its release, the Liberals’ health policy is failing to hold up to scrutiny.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said Will Hodgman and Michael Ferguson are trying to con Tasmanians.

“It pays to read the fine print,” Ms White said.

“Of the 298 new hospital beds the Liberals are promising, very few will be actually delivered in the next term of government.

“The Liberals are claiming beds that will potentially open at the Royal and the LGH in 2023 and 2024. It’s a con.

“So much of what the Liberals are promising won’t be delivered unless they win a third term in government.

“Tasmania’s health system needs urgent funding now, not in six years’ time.

“The Liberals are treating the public with contempt by back-ending their funding promises.

“Labor’s done the opposite. The bulk of the additional $560 million we have committed to the health and hospital system will be spent in the first two years of a Labor government.

“And the Health Minister is not telling the truth when it comes to increased mental health services.

“His claim that the Liberals’ commitment is more than double what Labor has promised is a straight out lie.

“All up Labor’s commitment to increased mental health services will mean more than 40 additional beds in our hospitals and across the community.

“We’re investing in acute beds, community beds, beds for mothers and babies and additional psychiatric emergency nurses.

“Labor’s policy goes a lot further than the Liberals’ announcement, which is extremely light on detail.”