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Liberals’ housing and homelessness FAIL

  • Public housing stock 598 less than 2014
  • Will Hodgman breaks housing promises
  • No solutions to homelessness crisis as winter passes by

The Minority Hodgman Liberal Government has failed deliver on its promises to increase the levels of affordable housing in Tasmania.

As the housing and homelessness crisis gets worse, Housing Minister Roger Jaensch has revealed that Tasmania’s housing stock to June 2019 is 12,504 properties.  In June 2014 public housing stock was 13,102 properties.

Will Hodgman promised an increase of 2400 affordable homes over eight years.  Using the Government’s own data, in its first five years there has been a decrease of 598 homes.

Shadow Housing Minister Alison Standen condemned the Hodgman Minority Government for its failure to build the houses Tasmanians need.

“Despite all of their promises, we now know Will Hodgman and Roger Jaensch have been hiding the truth about Tasmania’s public housing stock,” Ms Standen said.

“While the housing and homelessness crisis gets worse, under Will Hodgman affordable housing numbers are going backwards.

“A core responsibility of Government is to ensure people have a roof over their heads. That is impossible if the Government has less housing available while the population grows.

“It’s clear that the Liberals don’t believe in providing affordable housing.  Tasmanians deserve much better.”

Alison Standen MP
Shadow Minister for Housing