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Liberals late to the party on petrol price action

  • Hodgman Government playing desperate game of catch-up
  • Liberal policy a blatant rip-off – but doesn’t go far enough

The Liberal party is desperately playing catch up 18 months after Labor announced its policy to keep downward pressure on petrol prices.

Shadow Infrastructure Minister Shane Broad said yet again Tasmanians were seeing a situation where the Government which was elected in March 2014 was only now taking action on the eve of an election.

“The Liberals’ policy is a blatant rip-off of part of Labor’s policy announcement more than 18 months ago,” Dr Broad said.

“Had the Liberals actually listened and adopted this policy Tasmanians could have received real price relief.

“Instead Peter Gutwein derided Labor’s policy, claiming it wouldn’t work.

“Labor supports this Code of Practice – but it doesn’t go far enough.

“Last year an in-depth investigation conducted by the ACCC found petrol prices in Launceston were up to 12 cents higher than those in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

“Part of the problem of course is higher transport and operating costs. But it was also found to be a result of higher retail margins and profits.

“The ACCC found that if the Tasmanian market was more competitive motorists could expect savings of 4-5 cents a litre.

“I would encourage the Liberals to read Labor’s policy – they might get some more ideas.”

Labor will establish a statutory role of Fuel Price Oversight Officer within the Department of State Growth with power to monitor and collect fuel price data from across Tasmania.

New legislation will require retailers to display daily fuel prices in real time on the commission’s website which will enable motorists to quickly identify the cheapest fuel price in their area.

“We need a cop on the beat to ensure fuel retailers are doing the right thing,” Dr Broad said.

“Labor will also proactively work to increase the number of independent operators in Tasmania including an increase in independent wholesalers. Independent operators will deliver much needed competition to the Tasmanian market place and drive down fuel prices for Tasmanian motorists.”

Labor’s long-established policy on petrol prices can be read here: