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Liberal’s monumental failure on wages deal continues

  • Rockliff again puts an end to hopes of resolution
  • Teachers still being punished as government prepares to swing the axe
  • Widespread uncertainty for public sector grows

The Minority Hodgman Liberal Government has thrown public sector wage negotiations into further chaos by rejecting a path to a resolution from teachers.

Shadow Education Minister Josh Willie said the rejection of the offer by Acting Premier Jeremy Rockliff came at the same time the government prepared to cut $450 million from the public sector, throwing Tasmanian schools into a new level of uncertainty.

“The Hodgman Government has spent more than a year now doing anything but holding reasonable, good faith negotiations with teachers and thousands of other public sector workers,” Mr Willie said.

“To outright reject the new counter-offer from teachers today is further evidence that Premier Hodgman and the Education Minister have just thrown in the towel on wage negotiations and given up even attempting to create the appearance of trying.

“Teachers and other staff in the Tasmanian education system now face months of uncertainty on top of these failed negotiations by the government.

“What’s clear is that with $450 million to be slashed from the public sector, schools will be in the firing line with what will equate to budget cuts of more than $100 million from education.

“Jobs will be on the chopping block as part of the minority government’s sneaky and underhanded vacancy control plan. Mr Rockliff needs to tell teachers and parents and students if he is part of the government’s razor gang and where he intends to make his cuts.

“Tasmanians want to know who will make decisions about job cuts and they deserve to know where they will be made.”

Josh Willie MLC
Shadow Education Minister