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Liberals must protect GBE jobs

  • Staff at state-owned companies abandoned by Liberals
  • TT-Line jobs already under threat
  • GBE employees should be treated the same as wider public sector employees

Staff at Tasmania’s government-owned businesses have been abandoned by the government as it refuses to offer them the same protection as workers in the broader public sector.

Labor Member for Braddon Shane Broad said the government’s position is at odds with its vow to protect the jobs of public sector workers.

 “Peter Gutwein guaranteed that every public sector worker, including permanent, casual and fixed-term contract positions, would keep their jobs,” Dr Broad said.

“But the Premier has clearly ruled out extending this job security to employees of government business enterprises, even though they are a vital part of the public sector and should be treated the same way.

“The Liberal’s refusal to consider this has left GBE staff in an uncertain and precarious position, which highlights the lack of consistency in the government’s approach.

“The loss of work and hours for TT-Line staff is a stark example of what many GBE staff fear may await them.

“While we understand that TT-Line has had to cut sailings because of COVID-19, and that most ‘on-water’ staff have accrued leave they can access, casual staff have been stood down and shore-based workers have no guarantees their positions will be safe or that they will get their contracted hours.

“Being state owned also means that TT-Line can’t access the JobKeeper program, so workers have few options. 

“Without support from the government, this is a sign of things to come for other state-owned businesses.

“The Premier should be fighting for all Tasmanian jobs, not taking a selective approach that leaves many with no protection and no support.

“I again urge him to ensure all of Tasmania’s public servants receive equal job protection.”

Shane Broad MP
Labor Member for Braddon