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Liberals plan to abolish remissions is political

  • Labor supports reforming remissions
  • The bill is a cynical attempt to cover up incompetence
  • The plan lacks support in the legal and corrections system

The Liberals plan to abolish remissions is political and designed to distract from its failure to keep Tasmanians safe.

Dangerous prisoners should never be granted remission and any circumstances where that has occurred is simply unacceptable.

There has been very little consultation and there is little support for the move in the legal and corrections system.

Shadow Minister for Corrections, Josh Willie MLC, said Labor did not support the current remissions system.

“The bill needs work. Through our engagement with prison workers, we understand that remissions are a valuable behavioural management tool,” Mr Willie said.

“Remissions should not be an automatic right, they must be earned.

“The power to grant remissions should sit with the Director of Prisons.

“We also urge the Government to do more to protect the community by investing in programs that monitor prisoners and reintegrate them into the community.”

Josh Willie MLC
Shadow Minister for Corrections