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Liberals still denying critical service for Tasmanian women

  • Tasmania has some of the best laws around terminations, but among the worst access
  • Tasmanians should not be forced to pay thousands to fly to Melbourne
  • Michael Ferguson must not let his ideology influence policy

Tasmanian clinicians are providing terminations at the Royal Hobart Hospital in spite of the Liberal Government, not because of it.

Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell welcomed the development but said it showed just how much the relationship between Health Minister Michael Ferguson and the state’s hospitals had broken down.

Ms Lovell said clinicians were doing the right thing by carrying out procedures at the same time the government refused to provide funding.

“A termination is a medical procedure and it should be provided in the public health system in Tasmania if there are no other accessible and affordable ways to access the service,” Ms Lovell said.

“While Labor’s preference is for a stand-alone clinic – which state and federal committed to fund a reproductive health hub during the election – this is a positive step that women can access terminations in the public system.

“Women should not be afraid to seek the medical procedures they require. Tasmania has some of the best laws around terminations, but among the worst access.

“Under the Liberals the situation became so dire that women were forced to pay large sums of money and fly interstate for procedures – which is completely unacceptable, and simply out of reach for many Tasmanian women.

“I now hope that the ideological views of Health Minister Michael Ferguson do not continue to influence public policy.”