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Liberals struggling to catch up to Labor’s electric vehicle policy

  • Labor has a $7.5 million commitment that includes installing charging stations                
  • After three and a half years the Government announces a $250,000 study              

The Liberal Government’s belated and pathetic response to Labor’s policy on electric vehicles is embarrassing.

“Three years after trying to ridicule Labor’s commitment to electric vehicle technology, the Liberals have made a meagre commitment,” Shadow Energy Minister Scott Bacon said.

“Labor has $7.5 million on the table to properly kick-start alternative fuel transport in Tasmania, compared to $250,000 for a study from the Liberals.

“This is something the Government should have been working on years ago. We could have had a bank of charging stations across the state already.

“Battery technology is improving all the time and there’s downward pressure on the price of electric vehicles.

“Other states are stealing the march on Tasmania when it’s our state that has the huge natural advantages.

“Roger Jaensch’s announcement today only serves to highlight how disappointing the Government has been in this area over the last three and a half years.”