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Liberals’ surgery wait list a national shame

  • 7.30 report shows health crisis is getting worse
  • 9601 Tasmanians waiting for surgery
  • Hodgman’s only solution is savage cuts

Last night’s 7.30 report showed that Will Hodgman’s health and hospital crisis is getting worse.

Shadow Minister Sarah Lovell said the stories were more sad examples of the Government’s failure to invest properly in health.

“It was particularly tragic to see Spencer and Fletcher’s story on national television last night,” Ms Lovell said.

“We know there are now more than 9,600 people on the elective surgery waiting list and they’re having to wait longer to be seen by surgeons.

“They are vital surgeries for people like Spencer Connelly.

“They are surgeries like hip replacements, eye operations or even a heart valve replacement.

“Instead of working hard to fix the problem they have created, Will Hodgman and Sarah Courtney are now cutting the number of surgeries by 15 per cent as part of their savage $450 million budget cuts.

“This is a disgrace and it’s going to cost lives.

“Tasmanians shouldn’t have to pay for the Liberals’ reckless financial management.

“Tasmanians deserve better.” 

Sarah Lovell MLC
Shadow Health Minister