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Liberals treating Tasmanians like fools with delayed health promises

·         Health funding debate should be focused on the immediate future

·         Liberals making promises that can’t be delivered until beyond 2022

·         Labor’s policy addresses the urgent challenges in our health and hospital system

 Labor Leader Rebecca White said the debate over health needs to compare what will be delivered in the next four years of government.

 “We are fighting the 2018 election, not the 2022 version,” Ms White said.

 “It’s dishonest for the Liberals to make promises to Tasmanians based on what they would do in a third term of government.

 “Labor’s $560 million commitment is heavily focused on funding initiatives over the next four years.

 “The Liberals’ policy is largely back-ended with a majority of new staff and beds not delivered until beyond 2022.

 “For example the Liberals are promising an additional 298 beds but they’ve been forced to admit that just 54 will be delivered in the next term of government.

 “This debate needs to compare apples with apples so Tasmanians know exactly what they’re voting for.

 “Labor’s health policy addresses an urgent need to invest in our hospitals to address problems like bed block.

 “We can’t afford to wait years before investing, we need to support our health system immediately.

 “Labor calls on the Liberals to be clear with Tasmanians about which elements of their policy will be delivered prior to the 2022 election.”