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Macquarie Point Plan for a car park

  • Macquarie Point master plan STILL not released
  • Five years of failure at Mac Point
  • Tasmanians deserve action, not a pretty car park

Shadow Roads and Infrastructure Minister David O’Byrne has condemned the Hodgman Minority Government for perhaps its greatest infrastructure failure – five years of incompetence and laziness at Macquarie Point.

The Federal Labor Government agreed in 2012 to provide $50 million to Tasmania for the development of the area.

In the years since Will Hodgman and three Liberal Ministers have been happy let this opportunity slip by.

“Since Will Hodgman was elected, we have seen five years of failure at Mac Point,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“Tasmanians deserve to see the Macquarie Point Master Plan but instead all we have are the Government’s grand plans for Hobart’s prettiest car park.

“The time for more talk has passed – Michael Ferguson and Will Hodgman need to release the details for Mac Point now.

“Will Hodgman has sat back for five years while this once in a generation opportunity has gone nowhere, it’s time he acted like the Premier and stepped in to get it moving.

“This was meant to capitalize on some of Hobart’s most beautiful waterfront, with a balance of cultural, residential, hospitality and green space.

“Instead this sits with Will Hodgman’s four lane Midland Highway as Tasmania’s greatest white elephant in living memory.”

David O’Byrne MP
Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure