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Marinus Link green light welcome but questions remain

  • Australian Energy Market Operator gives Marinus Link priority status
  • Still no decision on who will pay
  • Questions must be answered before project becomes reality

News that the Australian Energy Market Operator has given the green light to the Marinus Link Bass Strait power cable project is welcome but serious questions remain about who will pay for the project.

Shadow Energy Minister David O’Byrne said until that is resolved, the cable is no closer to becoming a reality.

“The Marinus Link project is a unique opportunity for Tasmania to contribute to the nation’s future power needs and create much-needed jobs for Tasmanians,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“But before it can proceed the State Government needs to answer some significant questions, chief of which is who will pay for the $3.5 billion Bass Strait cable.

“It is not enough for the government to say it will only pay its fair share – without understanding who pays what, it’s the equivalent of a blank cheque, with Tasmanian taxpayers footing the bill.

“Government needs to get on with the job of working out the details otherwise the project is at risk.

“If Marinus Link is to be a part of Tasmania’s COVID-19 recovery and create jobs for Tasmanians, we need to have a clear timeframe for work to start.

“Until that happens, renewable energy investors don’t have the certainty they need to go ahead with other Tasmanian projects.

“Labor supports more renewable energy jobs but Tasmanians need to know that they will not be paying more for their power. Until these questions are answered, this project is going nowhere.”

David O’Byrne
Shadow Minister for Energy