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Meeting minutes reveal Government’s water and sewerage dishonesty

  • Water and sewerage raised once during seven meetings with local government
  • When it was raised, Treasurer praised TasWater and offered no help
  • “Crisis” invented for pure politics

The minutes of seven meetings the Premier and Treasurer held with local government prove the Government’s water and sewerage play is all about politics.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said Will Hodgman and Peter Gutwein did not voice their concerns regarding water and sewerage in any of the meetings.

“The Premier’s Local Government Council has met seven times since the Liberals came to power,” Mr Bacon said.

“The only time water and sewerage was raised the Treasurer told councils that TasWater was “taking appropriate action” and he refused a request to help.

“We know local government lobbied the Treasurer throughout 2015 and the Government did nothing.

“The minutes from the last seven meetings of the Premier’s Local Government Council proves how dishonest the Liberals are being over water and sewerage.

“These minutes prove Peter Gutwein’s approach to the issue has been fundamentally dishonest. Tasmanians are too clever to believe his spin.

“Just one mention of water and sewerage in seven meetings and that was Peter Gutwein saying everything is fine and there’s no need for government intervention.

“For the Government to do nothing for three years and then claim there’s an urgent crisis is deceitful and unfair on councils.

“The Liberals have sold out TasWater and local government to score political points.”

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The minutes from the Premier’s Local Government Council meetings can be found here: