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Memo to Ferguson: Stop “considering” and start acting on traffic

  • Tasmanians need action on traffic congestion, not more navel gazing from government
  • Ferguson already showing he will be just as ineffective on traffic and infrastructure
  • Glossy brochures and proposals do not amount to solutions

Michael Ferguson has made it abundantly clear today that he will take the same failed approach to fixing traffic congestion as he took to addressing his health crisis.

Shadow Infrastructure Minister David O’Byrne said as Tasmanians face unprecedented and worsening traffic on the state’s roads, the failed former Health Minister had today shown his colours by saying he would “consider” new initiatives.

“Having meetings and ‘considering’ things is in keeping with Michael Ferguson’s atrocious track record as Health Minister and shows he is part of a government that has nothing new to offer after more than five years,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“Today he says he will ‘consider’ extending tow truck services on the Tasman Bridge.

“Today he says he will ‘consider’ extending the same service to other areas, including the Southern Outlet and Brooker Highway.

“Today he confirms the government has done nothing but changed the number of traffic signals across Hobart since taking over Macquarie and Davey Streets but – as anybody who drives on these roads knows – the traffic snarls continue.

“Considering is not delivering and Tasmanian motorists are saying: “Enough already.”

“Enough of the consideration, enough of the motherhood statements, enough of the glossy brochures and enough of the empty procrastination that does not provide results.

“It’s abundantly clear that Michael Ferguson is going to be just as ineffective in building Tasmania as he was in health where his legacy stands as an unmitigated failure.”

David O’Byrne MP
Shadow Minister for Infrastructure