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Michael Ferguson failing to deliver major infrastructure

  • Crucial projects constantly being delayed
  • Ferguson must come clean and admit he can’t deliver
  • Are projects being deliberately slowed down to prop up the budget?

The Hodgman Minority Government’s failure to deliver major infrastructure projects may be used to make the budget look better and delay the looming debt disaster.

Shadow Treasurer, David O’Byrne, said either through incompetence or a deliberate strategy, the failure to progress projects like the Bridgewater Bridge will prop up the budget in the short term.

“The Government hailed this year’s budget as a record infrastructure budget, in fact, spending in infrastructure was claimed to be a key reason that the budget is heading into net debt,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“But this Government has a woeful track record in getting infrastructure projects out the door.

“Every year, the average underspend on infrastructure by the Government has been 23.5 percent or $127 million a year.

“A series of crucial infrastructure projects have been delayed including the Bridgewater Bridge, Royal Hobart Hospital and now we hear construction of the Hobart airport interchange won’t start until next year.

“Michael Ferguson needs to come clean and admit to Tasmanians that he has no hope of delivering his infrastructure promises this financial year.

“He must also come clean on whether this is a deliberate strategy to delay the impending debt disaster.”

David O’Byrne MP
Shadow Treasurer