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Michael Ferguson’s plan to put patients in storage rooms horrifies Tasmanians

  • Michael Ferguson’s hospitals crisis descends to a new low
  • Health Minister wants to put patients into storage rooms and alcoves – and equip them with a hand bell
  • Ferguson proposes hospital run at continual catastrophe level

The crisis at the Royal Hobart Hospital has descended to such a new low that Health Minister Michael Ferguson has come up with a new plan to put patients in storerooms and give them hand bells.

Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell said it was shocking and unacceptable that Michael Ferguson had so comprehensively failed that he was proposing the hospital operate at a near-constant level of chaos.

“Michael Ferguson has to accept responsibility that the hospital is struggling to cope with demand every day to the point there is now a serious, written proposal to put patients into storage rooms and the gymnasium  and alcoves off corridors with hand bells to ring to attract attention if they need help,” Ms Lovell said.

“This proposal which has been published is what you would expect to see at a time when there is a natural disaster or some type of catastrophe situation. If the Health Minister is considering implementing this now, what would happen if there was an actual emergency situation?

“The Health Minister is now expecting staff who are already working under enormous stress to be operating at a catastrophe level on a much more regular basis.

“It’s just extraordinary that Michael Ferguson would expect this proposal to be in any way acceptable to Tasmanians.

“Who would accept their sick family member being put in a storeroom or into an alcove off a corridor and given a bell?

“Clinicians are scrambling to try and find solutions because Michael Ferguson has failed to act and has let them down.

“The government needs to be investigating realistic solutions but the first step this government needs to take is to appoint a new Health Minister because Michael Ferguson has now been at the helm of Health for almost five years during which the situation has only gotten worse.”

Sarah Lovell MLC
Shadow Health and Preventative Health Care Minister