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Minister Petrusma’s farcical conduct in Parliament

  • Minister Petrusma making a farce of parliament  
  • Refusing to answer simple questions  
  • Minister must clarify a number of issues  

The performance of Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma in Question Time has become a farce.

Shadow Minister for Child Safety Josh Willie said the Minister is now refusing to address simple questions.

“The Minister is treating Question Time with contempt,” Mr Willie said.

“Labor has been asking very straightforward questions that the Minister has refused to answer point blank.

“The Minister will not say if her office notified her of the advice provided by the Acting Deputy Secretary confirming that just 8 of the 11 children in the care of Safe Pathways had been contacted.

“The Minister will not say where the “verbal” advice relating to the safety of the children came from or when it was received.

“These are simple questions that deserve honest answers.

“Either the Minister did receive the conflicting advice and chose to ignore it and mislead parliament, or she was kept in the dark by her office.

“Either way, Jacquie Petrusma’s conduct is not in line with being a Minister of the Crown.”