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New jobs and wages data shows an alarming trend

  • Tasmania second worst state behind locked-down Victoria for job losses
  • 2,300 jobs lost in the last fortnight alone
  • Government needs to adopt Labor’s job creation measures

The latest jobs and wages data released today by the ABS has shown the harsh impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on employment in Tasmania.

Shadow Treasurer David O’Byrne said the figures, which show a 6.8% drop in payroll jobs and a 6.9% decrease in total wages since mid-March, raise concerns about Tasmania’s economy softening.

“The news today from the ABS has confirmed what Labor has been saying about the condition of Tasmania’s economy before the pandemic started.

“In the December quarter state demand showed negative growth. This goes to show the economy was struggling prior to COVID-19 and is continuing in that alarming trend.

“2,300 jobs were lost in the last fortnight alone as industries begin to slowly reopen. We were expecting results to be bad, but these figures were worse than expected.

“Peter Gutwein has promised billions of dollars to bolster the construction industry as a way to try and dig Tasmania out of this financial position, but where is his plan to create jobs across the state and across industry sectors?

Labor’s COVID-19 Recovery Package which formed the basis of Labor’s submission to the Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council outlines clear plans to create jobs in industries needing it most, including Free TAFE courses to upskill workers pushed out of their positions.

“Tasmania needs action now, but the Government has no plan for jobs beyond short term narrow stimulus. This simply isn’t good enough.”

David O’Byrne
Shadow Treasurer