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New parents missing out

  • Only one public mother and baby unit in the state
  • Parents in North and North West need support too
  • Building more units will help parents and get people into jobs

Tasmanian parents who need support with new babies are missing out because of inadequate services outside of Hobart.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said with only one public mother and baby unit in the state, new parents are left to struggle.

“Supporting new parents is vital to ensure babies get the best start in life.

“Parents facing difficulties with a new baby should be able to get the help they need, regardless of where they live in Tasmania. Families should not have to compete for access to support after the birth of a child.

“Last year alone there were more than 5,500 babies born in Tasmania, so it’s clear that one public mother and baby unit is not enough.”

“There are private services available for families who can afford it, but more public resources are essential to supporting parents struggling with issues like feeding and sleeping difficulties and mental health conditions.

“A proposal for additional mother and baby units is part of Labor’s COVID-19 Recovery Package, which calls out the importance of supporting social recovery as well as economic recovery.

“As well as getting children off to the best start in life by supporting their families, building additional mother and baby units will create jobs in the construction and health sectors, creating opportunities to get more Tasmanians into jobs.”

Rebecca White
Labor Leader