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No excuse for Premier to return from special COAG without Federal Police deal

  • Turnbull and Hodgman need to match Labor’s commitment to reinstate AFP
  • Premier should be demanding Federal Police for Tasmania at special COAG meeting
  • Hobart Airport remains only capital city terminal without AFP presence

Premier Will Hodgman must finally show he is willing to stand up to his Commonwealth colleagues and return from tomorrow’s special Council of Australian Governments counter terrorism meeting with a guarantee Australian Federal Police will be restored to Hobart Airport.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the Premier should be demanding the Turnbull Government match Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s $13 million commitment to reinstate 16 AFP officers to Hobart.

“Labor is prepared to stand up for Tasmania on this crucial issue at the same time Mr Hodgman’s Liberal Government has badly let our state down,” Ms White said.

“The point of tomorrow’s meeting is to discuss security for all Australian states and the State and Commonwealth Governments need to make security issues a priority for Tasmania as well as the other states.

“The security of our airport and our state should be front and centre of Mr Hodgman’s discussions with Mr Turnbull tomorrow but over the past three-and-a-half years, the Premier has done nothing to show Tasmanians he is capable of standing up to the Commonwealth, which continues in its determined effort not to deliver for our state.

“Hobart is the only capital city terminal in the country without an Australian Federal Police presence.

“We simply do not have the same level of security and safety arrangements as other states.

“Mr Hodgman can’t continue to make excuses and he cannot continue to back away when he is faced with the important task of demanding the Federal Liberal Government deliver for Tasmania.

“If he returns from tomorrow’s special COAG meeting empty handed he needs to provide a genuine and honest explanation for why he has failed yet again.”