Northern Suburbs Passenger Rail and Urban Renewal Project

Hobart is the second most traffic congested city in Australia, behind Sydney.

At the same time Hobart has an affordable housing crisis and the best way to solve this in the long term is by increasing the supply of land close to jobs and schools.

A Labor Government has a plan to fix both.

Labor has a vision for a world class passenger train service between central Hobart and the northern suburbs.

The Northern Suburbs Passenger Rail and Urban Renewal Project will provide a clear pathway forward including seeking to
re-zone the rail corridor for medium density housing, park and ride carparks, new commercial, retail and office developments, recreation and education precincts.

A Labor Government will test the market for potential operators to run a rail service   through a competitive process to facilitate private investment in the project.

Operators and investors will be sought world-wide and will ensure the project is delivered in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

The project will include  the necessary safety upgrades to level crossings and the corridor will remain in public ownership.

Labor’s plan will give commuters a choice to leave their cars at home by running rail services between the city and the suburbs.

Labor’s All Aboard Policy already includes an allocation of $14 million from the first term of government for significant “make ready” works on the Hobart rail corridor. 

Labor will implement an integrated ticketing system to ensure passenger trains run in conjunction with existing bus and potential future ferry services on the Derwent River.

Only a Rebecca White Majority Labor Government will be about Putting People First.

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