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O’Connor and Brown in lockstep on Robbins Island hypocrisy

Cassy O’Connor has joined her former colleague Bob Brown in putting all renewable energy jobs at risk by failing to support the proposed Robbins Island wind farm before full details have even been finalised.

Shadow Resources Minister Shane Broad said Ms O’Connor had finally broken her week-long silence today on Robbins Island, saying the Greens had “concerns” about the $1.6 billion project that has been on the table for a decade.

“Ms O’Connor is saying that the Greens will not stand up for crucial renewable energy initiatives and jobs,” Dr Broad said.

“The Greens’ serial opposition to development – any development – cannot be allowed to get in the way of important renewable projects like Robbins Island.

“Cassy O’Connor cannot have a bet both ways.

“Ms O’Connor can’t one day declare a climate emergency and then the next oppose critical projects that will reduce Tasmania’s reliance on fossil fuels.

 “Labor is a strong supporter of the renewable energy sector and we want to see the Robbins Island project progress through the rigorous approvals process.”

Shane Broad MP
Shadow Resources Minister