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Out of sight must not mean out of mind

  • Tasmanian program needed for vulnerable children
  • Concerns expressed to Liberals for years
  • Solution may be years away

The Liberal government continues to sit on its hands despite ongoing concerns about the wellbeing of vulnerable Tasmanian children in the Brahminy program.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said Roger Jaensch admitted today it may be years before an alternative program is available within Tasmania.

“There have been many voices expressing concern about the Brahminy program for at least the past four years.  

“It’s only since recent intense media scrutiny that Roger Jaensch has acknowledged Tasmania should have its own program capable of accommodating at-risk children.

“But we hear today that it may be years until there is an alternative available in Tasmania.

“In the meantime, these vulnerable children remain out of sight and out of mind, thousands of kilometres away.

“No other state or territory sends children to this program.

“Instead of resorting to attacking the media and anyone else who dares to raise concerns about the Brahminy program, the Liberal Government should be focussed on establishing a Tasmanian alternative.

“The Liberal government needs to work with local organisations that are keen to establish an appropriate program, and set out a plan to bring these children home.”

Rebecca White
Labor Leader