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Overnight ramping a blunt reminder of hospital crisis

  • Severe ramping at the Royal with patients on stretchers in emergency  
  • Latest figures show the situation is getting significantly worse  
  • Liberals’ health policy ignores ramping  

The severe ambulance ramping at the Royal Hobart Hospital overnight is a clear illustration of the crisis in our health system.

Labor Campaign Spokesperson Sarah Lovell said the emergency department at the Royal was under enormous pressure last night.

“Ambulances were backed up and multiple patients were in the Emergency Department on stretchers,” Ms Lovell.

“It’s the most recent example of a hospital under huge strain.

“The latest data from the Royal Hobart Hospital shows the situation is getting worse at a rapid rate.

“The number of patients waiting more than 24 hours in the emergency department more than doubled in 2017.

“18 per cent of ambulances ramped for more than 30 minutes last year, up from 6 per cent the year before.

“Almost one in four ambulances are ramped for more than 15 minutes.

“The system is clogged and needs urgent investment.

“The Liberals’ health announcement completely ignored ambulance ramping, despite the fact it’s staring them in the face.

“Labor’s strategy to address bed block will begin on day one of government.

“The health system needs urgent action so the pressure can be taken off staff and Tasmanians can access the health care they deserve.”