Adam Gore

Bass Candidates

Adam is a sixth generation Northern Tasmanian, born and raised in East Devonport. He grew up with his mum and dad and two older sisters.

Adam was incredibly popular at school and was invited to a lot of parties in his early years because he was the only one who would get up and dance. This is still true today, with Adam’s lifelong love of people and music ensuring he is often the life of the party.

Adam began his working life at an early age, being encouraged to work hard and spend wisely. At the age of 11 he began a paper run, getting up early on weekends to deliver the local newspaper. He then went on to work in the local bakery before joining the Army as a full-time musician.

It would take Adam a number of years to find his true calling. Leaving the regular Army as a reservist and working in the hospitality industry combining his greatest loves, people, music and a freshly poured schooner. It was during this time that Adam began to notice the impact he could make in other people’s lives by listening and occasionally offering advice.

Adam’s open, honest and friendly nature encouraged people to share their stories and troubles. These stories would often impact Adam and he would lament on ways in which he could help. These stories would later encourage him to run in the 2014 State election for Labor.

After becoming a father, Adam wanted to ensure his children had the best opportunities in life and returned to full time study. He completed an Honours Degree in Business whilst working full time at night and on weekends with 2 small children under 3.

Shortly after completing his degree, Adam began working as an electorate officer for Michelle O’Byrne, state MP for Bass and then for Federal MP for Bass, Ross Hart.
Adam is a father, husband and friend. He loves his local community and looks forward to helping Labor put people first.